Surgical Error Medical

Some surgical procedures may not be needed, a study conducted in the late 1980s found that as many as 30% of the controversial operation unnecessary. This operation includes procedures such as cesarean section, tonsillectomy, appendectomy, hysterectomy, and gastrectomy for obesity.

Surgical errors can occur as far as the pre-operative surgery, when doctors examine patients and determine that surgery is the most appropriate course of action. During this period is very important for doctors to examine thoroughly all aspects of the problems patients and their medical history. Every little detail seemed about the life of a patient can lead to potentially catastrophic surgical errors.

Statistics for injury and death due to a surprising number of medical errors and serious. Nearly 100,000 people die each year in U.S. hospitals from preventable medical errors. Surgical errors can be the most serious form of medical mistakes are made, thus failing or defective results or damage to some parts of the body.

Most mistakes surgical operation known as "wrong site", which means that the operation took place at the wrong organ, limb, or other areas of the body. Many surgical mistakes also occur by having surgery on the wrong patient, and doing the wrong procedure at correct body part.

Another type of error occurs during plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery like breast implants and reductions, and some related operations face. In these cases, surgical errors may not only be physically threatening to the patient, but can produce results far worse than what plastic surgery is meant to repair.

Other surgical errors occur without the patient realizing it. Mistakes can mean that the operation does not give the expected results, even if no injury to the patient.

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